Moddex Systems was named the official supplier of handrails and guardrails to the Port Hedland Gateway Village mining accommodation facility.

The Hatch-designed Gateway Village is a new mining accommodation camp in South Hedland, 1600 kilometres north of Perth. Bloomer Constructions worked with Moddex throughout 2013 to ensure the supply and installation of a range of balustrades, handrails and guardrails at the mining camp.

Gateway Village comprises of a mix of two-storey accommodation and high-standard one- and two-storey lodgings for operations personnel, many of whom are fly in/fly out (FIFO) workers working on the Roy Hill Iron Ore Project in the Pilbara. The workforce accommodation facility has been designed to house 1,240 workers.

Moddex handrails were selected due to their robustness, quality, appearance, ease of installation and price. Moddex galvanised balustrades and handrails were used for 50 stairways and 30 ramps within the Village. 

Moddex handrails have been installed in mining accommodation and construction camps throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia. Moddex handrails are modular in design and manufactured to meet every required standard. Bloomer was able to avoid any welding while erecting the handrails, resulting in a simplified and more rapid installation without compromising on rigidity and safety.

Though it was the first time Bloomer had installed Moddex handrails and guardrails, it took only a few hours for those assigned the installation job to build up speed due to the modularity of the handrails. The modular design also prevented any damage to the galvanised rails and there was no need to paint around the rail joins.

The handrails supplied to the mining camp were pre-fabricated rails to fit the various applications precisely. Moddex handrails and guardrails installed included Conectabal, Tuffrail and Assistrail.

Moddex handrails and balustrades are currently being installed at the Wheatstone Construction Village on the Pilbara coast of Western Australia, which will ultimately accommodate 5,000 workers for the new Wheatstone LNG project, Australia’s second largest resource project.