A steel handrail solution from Moddex is keeping young riders safe at the Calleya Junior BMX Park in Treeby, WA.

One of the best BMX Parks in Perth, the Calleya Junior BMX Park promises to deliver the ultimate BMX experience for young riders. Stockland’s Calleya community in Treeby invested $1.8 million into an adventure playground featuring a 190m junior BMX track where kids can hone their BMX riding skills.

Featuring in-ground trampolines, a multi-use sports court, sheltered barbecue areas, picnic zones and a 6m sky cabin and slide, the 1.3ha playground has a versatile offering for kids to get out and socialise. The BMX track is designed to provide endless fun for junior riders of all levels.

Landscape Elements, working with the architect, reached out to Moddex for pricing and information for a steel handrail solution. Timber handrails were originally planned for the track; however, the developer requested a steel option.

Moddex arranged a site measure, before supplying and installing their Bikesafe BS20 bikeway barriers on approximately 60 metres of the pump track.

Bikesafe BS20 bikeway barrier

Moddex provided a cost-effective solution while meeting the tight deadline and working with the clients’ schedule. The quoted lead time of six weeks was reduced to three-and-a-half weeks through Moddex’s short product lead times and rapid installation.  

With high-quality materials and a sleek design, feeling safe never looked so good.