Mobius  is a marketing and design consultant located in Australia. Mobius is a provider of physical solution to mathematical equation which has an infinite surface with one side and one edge and does not have beginning or end. Mobius offers immeasurable creative solutions for customers marketing briefs. Mobius was established in the year 1994. Mobius, is named after a topology of the Mobius loop. Mobius especially focuses on marketing and design solutions.

The success of marketing solutions from Mobius lies on their ability to apply the symbolic properties of the loop to all things that are produced by them. Success in the market is based on growth and profitability in terms of awareness and brands. Mobius develops solution is such a way to achieve this success keeping in mind the multitude of disciplines. Most of the clients come to Mobius for intelligent solutions as stays till the point the diversity and ability to pinpoint the exact combination of services that are required for the project. Mobius believes that its professional experts encompass the ability to identify the correct solution for each and every situation.