MJ Trailers  manufactures a variety of galvanized steel trailers like 6' x 4' 4-wheel drive, 8' x 5' high side cage, 8' x 5' tandem, 8' x 5' fully enclosed, 11' x 5' upfront ride on mover, 5' x 3' dog trailer, 10' x 5' heavy duty, 14' x 6.5' plant and equipment, 9' x 5' heavy duty, 10' x 5' tipper, 9' x 5' tilt, 14' x 6.5' plant and equipment, 4' x 7'500mm side camper, 2,000L 3 tonne water tank, 9' x 5' heavy duty, 10' x 5' fully enclosed, 8' x 5' standard, 8' x 5' high sided tandem, mini camper, 14 x 6 concrete trailer, 7 x 4 camper, 8 x 5 high sided tipper, 9 x 5 custom tilt and 10 x 6 tandem hydraulic tipper.

Galvanized trailers designed by MJ Trailers has trailer safety chain which is a connection made between draw bar and the tow bar during a coupling failure. Trailers should be maintained well. Hinges and catches of the trailers should be checked and lubricated often to ensure safety. Coupling mounting bolts needs to be greased regularly and even a check should be kept on safety chain.

MJ Trailers also offers trailer extras like tilt, spare tyres, electric brakes and many more extra items along with additional spare parts such as trailer sides, jockey wheels, couplings and many others.