Available from Mitten Vinyl Australia , Sentry acrylic cladding showcases the dark, vibrant colours which are available in this premium exterior weatherboard cladding product.  

The superior formulation of Acrylic Colour Technology (act) offers advanced long-term colour retention, wind and heat resistance, and outstanding weathering performance.

Sentry acrylic cladding offers the advanced technology necessary to create the distinctive dark, richer colours in its range and is offered with a lifetime warranty and 25 year fade resistance guarantee.

Sentry acrylic cladding can be used to update and insulate homes and does not require painting. Sentry acrylic cladding offers improved insulation, durability, good value and is low maintenance.

Sentry acrylic cladding has the advantage of a long lifespan, eliminating expensive maintenance. The sentry weatherboard cladding is suitable for new construction, renovations, second storey additions and extensions. Sentry acrylic cladding is ideal for providing a subtly textured finish to homes with its unique ‘cedar look’ grain.

The energy efficiency of the homes can be improved with Sentry acrylic foam backed cladding that is available with a choice of 15mm or 30mm fullback thermal support. The Sentry acrylic foam backed cladding reduces the variation of temperature inside the building, making the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This helps to contribute to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

Sentry acrylic cladding is manufactured to Australian Standards has been engineered to last. The range of deep rich colours available offer exceptional colour retention and UV resistance and include the colours:

  • Chestnut Brown
  • Richmond Red
  • Annapolis Blue
The boards of the acrylic cladding are insect and mould resistant and are available with a full range of colour matched trims. A stunning modern look with contrasting trims can also be created. The distinctive colours of the Sentry acrylic cladding range are also ideal for contrasting feature walls and infill panels.

Sentry acrylic cladding range is lightweight and strong and available in 8 rich deep colours in lengths of 5.84 metres, meaning fewer joins. The easy care properties of Sentry acrylic cladding is easy to care fore and virtually eliminates maintenance.