Durabric imitation brick cladding has been added to the extensive range of cladding at Mitten Vinyl Australia . The high quality, durable and lightweight product is made from a mixture of natural aggregates, sand, crushed brick, colouring oxides and co-polymer adhesive. The mixture is then stencilled onto a fibre cement sheet which is fired to bond and harden the cladding panels.  Durabric is ideal for shop fittings, trade exhibitions, product displays, film sets and heritage requirements.

Durabric imitation brick cladding has a number of benefits including easy installation which makes it suitable for DIY projects. It provides an excellent surface for a paint, bagged or semi rendered finish, and can be used for both interior and exterior walls. Durabric contains no asbestos and can be coloured to match existing bricks. There are two standard brick stencils or custom made templates can be used. Mitten Vinyl Australia deliver Durabric imitation brick cladding to everywhere in Australia.