Transform your home and create a maintenance free exterior with Slim Brick Cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia.

The Slim Brick Cladding uses real bricks, cut down to a slim 25mm face, which are locked in with steel rail and finished with mortar to achieve a realistic brick exterior.

The lightweight Slim Brick Cladding is ideal for renovating fibro and weatherboard homes, for extensions to existing brick homes and can also be used on upper storey additions.

Lightweight Slim Brick Cladding adds value to a home as well as increasing insulation for year round comfort. With the addition of vinyl eave linings and vinyl weatherboards for gables, maintenance is almost eliminated.

Brick cladding installed with this system does not require expensive footings, roof alterations, window alterations or plumbing changes.

Second storey extensions can be renovated with lightweight bricks to match the existing house, as no additional load bearing support is required.

Lightweight Slim Brick Cladding can use all brick brands to match existing brickwork and can include features such as sandstone quoins and raked window sills.