Cambridge vinyl cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia recently played a key role in production of the Australian movie ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’, released in cinemas soon.

A house which had been used for location filming had to be recreated in the studio and set designers approached Mitten Vinyl Australia for their assistance.

Cambridge vinyl cladding in ivory was used in the set building at Fox Studios where the filming of numerous scenes took place. The movie is based on the popular young adult novel by John Marsden.

Location filming took place in the fictional township of Wirrawee, and part of a house with vinyl cladding in the township was required for scenes filmed in the studio. Cambridge vinyl cladding is lightweight and easy to construct, making it perfect for the task, creating a realistic replica for the vital scenes.

Mitten Vinyl Australia is proud to be associated with this all Australian movie, filmed locally and featuring talented Australian actors and crew. The use of Cambridge vinyl cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia was able to add to the authentic look of sets constructed for a great local production.