A new HC3100 DLP home theatre projector has been released from Mitsubishi Electric. With good colour reproduction, the HC3100 will also have a high resolution (1280 X 768) and high contrast ratio (4500:1) for perfect dark images, as well as a newly developed colour wheel for accurate reproduction of colour tones.

The inclusion of the new DMD Darkchip3 enables the HC3100 to project an even blacker black. The process achieves impressive reductions in reflection, creating a crisper, clearer contrast.

The HC3100’s unique motorised iris enables optical contrast adjustments, which can be used to choose the optimal light output for what is being viewed. The iris can be narrowed for use in lower light rooms, ideal for atmospheric movie viewing. For a brighter room or watching programs such as sporting events, the iris can be opened fully, providing brighter, more striking images.

The HC3100 includes a trigger terminal which is great for those who have a motorised projection screen. When the projector is switched on this will automatically drop the screen, a sophisticated feature for a projector at this price point.

The HC3100 is whisper quiet with a 25dB(A) running volume, ensuring no background noise will distract from the viewing experience. The user also has the flexibility to choose the colour wheel speed - 5 speed when colour-breaking noise is a concern or 4 speed when the stress is on picture quality.

The projector has a 3000-hour lamp life and is filter-free which means there is no need to check filters, an extended lamp life and lower cost of total ownership.