Mitrefinch Australia dedicates this blog to Dry July, a unique fundraiser that challenges participants to completely go off alcohol for a whole month. Now in its 8th year, the Dry July fundraiser supports adults living with cancer.

Mitrefinch’s latest blog focuses on the effects of alcohol consumption on the workplace and co-workers, as well as the resulting workforce management issues.

Studies by Drug Info Australia reveal a few alarming facts: Alcohol/drugs cost Aussie workplaces an estimated AUD 6 billion per year in lost productivity; half of Australian workers drink at harmful levels; an astonishing 13 per cent use cannabis and 4 per cent use amphetamines; and around 10 per cent have experienced negative effects from a co-worker’s misuse of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption reduces the individual’s ability to fulfil their job responsibilities either due to a hangover or any other mental/ physical impairment. Such diminished abilities also increase the likelihood of the person being involved in an accident at the workplace.

Research on the subject of excessive alcohol consumption also reveals that Generation X are the most likely to have taken a day off work due to being too drunk or having a hangover, followed by Gen Y and Baby Boomers.

Most organisations have the resources to greatly reduce the costs of absence attributable to alcohol or other avoidable reasons by tapping into their workforce more effectively.

Mitrefinch employee time and attendance software can help businesses track important employee data about absences, quickly check the system for potential replacements to cover a shift, and even help set up a meeting with the absent employee once they return to work.