Vos Construction & Joinery Pty Ltd in Western Junction, Tasmania are always on the look-out for ways to make the job on-site easier – and safer.

The new City Mission warehouse in Youngtown was a recent job and measured 37.5m long by 14.5m wide; requiring trusses 16m long. The trusses were big enough to span the large, concrete slab floor below with ease, but were also big enough to make erection rather awkward.

Dean Bradford, Vos Construction & Joinery’s Site Foreman explained, “Our (licensed MiTek) fabricator, Blue Mountains Hardware said the trusses were pretty long. But they also added: MiTek’s TrussSpacers would help us erect them a bit quicker. They were right.”

‘We’ve got carpenters who’ve been with us for over 30 years,’ said Dean. ‘We showed them how to install a truss with TrussSpacers and, after about 10 minutes, they were hooked,’ added Dean. ‘Everyone agreed: TrussSpacers were so easy to use – and, more importantly they felt safe using them. Plus, the whole thing went up without a hitch and faster than anyone expected.’

More information and technical data on truss spacers is available from MiTek Australia .