Top-hat trusses, available from MiTek Australia , prove to be a practical solution to over-sized roof designs as tall trusses can be difficult to make, transport and manoeuvre into position.

A five storey project at Emerald Lake on the Gold Coast called for the use of top-hat trusses. Scott Rees is a truss detailer with MiTek fabricator Currumbin Roof Trusses and was approached by builder Scott Doyle to provide a smarter solution.

Scott Rees explained that the builder hadn’t worked with top-hat trusses before but assured him that this was a viable option. Using MiTek 20/20 program Scott Rees was able to clearly and concisely demonstrate how everything would come together.

Top-hat trusses are trusses fitted to a previously fixed, larger bottom truss. For example, the bottom chord of a top-hat truss is fixed to the top chord of the bottom truss.

Scott said that securing was straight forward and that the using top-hat trusses proved to be much easier than man-handling huge trusses.