The timber prefabrication industry is looming as an attractive career choice for tradespeople looking for an off-site alternative, young school leavers or even the computer buff wanting to use their skills on something more challenging. Estimators and detailers have long been in demand within the timber prefabrication industry and some states are even experiencing a skills shortage.

Forestworks (the Industry Skills Council for the forest, wood, paper and timber products industry) are driving the project with the aim to establishing the Skill Standards for submission to the National Quality Council early in 2010.

The difference will be the establishment of certified courses and official building-based Diplomas. This will provide the timber prefabrication industry with a new-found confidence and greater perception of professionalism as estimators and detailers will soon become more recognised for the role they play in the engineering of a building.

The fact that fabricators will be able to verify their work from working professionals, industry and institutionally trained is an added benefit of this initiative. 

MiTek Australia has supported on and off-site training for many years and has led the way in software and engineering training. MiTek will continue to take a leadership role in this new endeavour for the timber prefabrication industry.