PosiStrut trusses from MiTek Australia were used by Calco Timbers in South Geelong (Vic) to fabricate a curved roof.  

The extra cost of producing roofs with steel framing, especially curved roofs can dictate the end design. MiTek PosiStruts are ideal for architects willing to explore different building methods.  

Steve Hofer of Williams, Kaye, Hofer Architects believes that architects must keep themselves up-to-date with products such as PosiStruts.  

The architectural company built a 2-storey home on a hill, overlooking the scenic Port Phillip Bay in Victoria using PosiStruts.  

More popular as an innovative flooring solution, MiTek PosiStruts are now increasingly being used by architects as an affordable and effective roofing solution.  

PosiStruts’ unique open web design offers on-site advantages such as excellent access for services while making them lighter than solid timber joists or conventional alternatives.