Larger projects have been dominated in the past by masonry and reinforced construction, even all steel framing. However, timber is now proving a worthy solution, mainly due to advances in timber engineering. MiTek Australia ’s 20/20 program gives viewers a fully rotational 3D visualisation as well as accurate detailing and estimating on the most complex designs.

A nursing home in Bendigo was enhanced with the help of MiTek 20/20. This 60 bed nursing home presented MiTek fabricator, Bendigo Truss Plant, with unusual engineering problems. First, the actual architectural configuration was designed as a large ‘X’, with four wards (or wings) emanating from a central hub. At the end of each wing, there is an open-air courtyard, encompassed by a complex pentagon shaped roof. Overall, there were over 560 trusses covering a floor area in excess of 2700sqm.