The BraceWall bracket acts as a shear connection between the ceiling diaphragm and an internal non-loadbearing bracing wall. It is wrapped around the truss bottom chord or trimmer and fixed at the base to the top of the bracing wall. Nails in the slotted holes give it the combined action of an internal wall bracket by allowing truss settlement.

The “BWB35 - BraceWall Bracket” (Patent Pending) is an engineered building product that has been designed, developed and tested in the corporate engineering laboratory of MiTek Australia to meet the requirements of AS1684 “Residential Timber Framed Construction” Part 2 & Part 3. In particular, it complies with the requirements of Clause and Table 8.22 for fixing of top of bracing walls and Clause for fixing of trusses to non-loadbearing internal walls.

The design values of the BraceWall Bracket, derived from the test results and applications to AS1684 are published in the MiTek specifications titled, “Gang-Nail - BraceWall Bracket – For fixing non load bearing bracing walls to trusses”. These specifications are freely available on the MiTek website. The full test report is contained in file reference 150318 held at MiTek Australia Ltd.

This certifies that the tests and analysis have been performed in accordance with the requirements of the prototype testing provisions of AS1720 “Timber Structures - Part 1: Design Methods” Appendix D and complies with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.