The Australian Standard for residential timber-framed construction (AS1684) requires buildings to be sufficiently braced against the action of wind with structural bracing walls. AS 1684 further requires an effective connection between the top of all braced frames and the roof trusses above.

For non load bearing internal walls used as braced frames, the most common solution has been the use of Shear Blocks, combined with Internal Wall Brackets (IWB), to stabilise the wall. 

MiTek Australia's new BraceWall Bracket (BWB35 – Patent Pending) combines these two functions into one easy to calculate, easy to fix and easy to check bracket.

MiTek Australia's new BWB35 connects the ceiling diaphragm to the top of non load bearing bracing walls and enables lateral loads to be distributed in accordance with AS1684.

The BWB35 is a robust bracket, with vertical slots for fixing to either side of the truss or trimmer in the same manner as an IWB. With eight nails securing the BWB35 to the top plate, the product has the strength to transfer racking forces into the internal bracing walls.

Extensive laboratory tests have been carried out to determine the load capacity of a bracket. For simplicity, a single value may be used with any common Australian timber species.

From these test results MiTek have produced a comprehensive data sheet, which contains a simple to follow table specifying the number of BWB35 brackets required for fixing to the top of any type of bracing wall. Installers and certifiers can easily determine the number of brackets required by checking against the simplified table for that brace type and length.

For certifiers, this is an engineered solution to an old problem. It gives the added assurance that the engineered product has been designed, tested and certified by MiTek Australia (certification letter attached). There is no longer any need to count nails or screws or bolts.

For the builder, the BWB35 provides an easier and quicker installation solution for those situations where there is the combined requirement for shear blocks and IVV B's.