Perspex Coral acrylic, available from Mitchell Plastics , features striking textured 3D effect that is evocative of tropical coral reefs, offering a fascinating appearance. The unique Coral effect gives designers and specifiers enormous creative freedom.

Perspex Coral acrylic blocks have an iridescent appearance when illuminated that changes if the viewing perspective is changed, while the colours can help to create different moods and atmospheres.

Deep and intense colours are available as well as light and delicate shades, all with a distinctive metallic lustre that adds a modern twist to a natural look. Colours can be adapted to specific customer specifications, with the team at Mitchell Plastics creating individual bespoke colours to match

Perspex Coral acrylic is a high performance material that looks great and can perform to the high standards for which Perspex is renowned.

Perspex Coral can add an exclusive look to retail interiors; offer style and substance to architectural installations and inject colour and individuality into furniture pieces to make a statement.