Pavan Consultants have used Mitchell Plastics’ Perspex Frost acrylic sheet panels when designing the external student amphitheatre for a secondary college.

Perspex Frost acrylic sheet panels were primarily used to provide cover to the amphitheatre. Selecting colours from the extensive Perspex Frost range, designer Eve Merrington, was able to create an ideal aesthetically pleasing design, that enable coloured shadows to beam into the amphitheatre, providing an internal feeling of warmth.

It was important that the design provided longevity and also took into account the environment. Perspex Frost is capable of being manufactured under a closed loop recyclable process.

Finally it was important, where possible, to minimise vandalism. As a result, Perspex Frost’s unique frosted finish helped to eliminate finger marks; while the thickness of 10mm material used, ensured against high impact breakage.

Solutions used:

  • Perspex Frost Violet Aurora - 10mm
  • Perspex Frost Pink Blush - 10mm
  • Perspex Frost Electric Blue - 10mm
  • Perspex Frost Glacier Green - 10mm
  • Perspex Frost Citrus Yellow - 10mm