Designer Andrew Jeffries used Solid 18mm Perspex Opal 030, available from Mitchell Plastics , to create a semi translucent range of cabinetry doors and draws for the new studio and office of ‘Third Voice Architects’, St Kilda, Melbourne.

The design uses around 40 panels/doors of 18mm Perspex, formed by Mitchell Plastics, into a custom range of bi fold, sliding and hinged doors and draws, which are back lit with down lights, to create a semi translucent illuminated affect.

Designer Andrew Jeffries chose the use of Perspex for its practical and aesthetic appeal. Its ease of fabrication made it a clear stand out over more expensive and dangerous glass options.

While its semi translucent appeal, offered the ability for the creation of an ideal effect, which was representative of the work often done by the Third Voice Architects.

Careful consideration was given to the fridge and dish washer cover panels, which were also created from the solid Perspex material. Special ventilation vents were cut into the doors under the sink to allow air flow for appliances.