Mitchell Plastics has developed a unique and durable Perspex sheeting called Perspex Opal, which is ideal for the creation of light box’s and illumination. Perspex Opal perspex sheeting panels are available in a number of thicknesses and sheet sizes to suit any application, and can be used as indoors panels and outdoors panels. The Perspex panels have exceptional light transmission with no colour bias, even with thicker blocks.

Perspex Opal perspex sheeting properties include easy maintenance and cleaning, the potential to be fully recycled, high gloss, hard surface with high tensile strength and rigidity and a good resistance to impact. The illuminating sheets are suitable for exterior use as they have excellent resistance to weathering, and feature a 10 year warranty.  Perspex Opal perspex sheeting is easily thermoformable with simple workshopping tools.

The perspex sheeting panels have an excellent resistance to water, alkalis, aqueous inorganic salt solutions, and most common diluted acids, however some liquids can cause swelling, weakening and complete dissolution. Specifically, Perspex Opal comes in clear sheet form with no flash point,  an auto ignition temperature of 421 degrees, is non explosive and non oxidising. It has a density of 1.19, a solid viscosity, a softening point of greater than 100 degrees, and will not decompose below 200 degrees Celsius.