EuroMir Mirrored Acrylic from Mitchell Plastics , offered designers from Studio Equator enormous scope, when designing the Urban Asia restaurants.

Using EuroMir Red Mirrored Acrylic, allowed designer, Carols Flores, to create an ideal, reflective affect with the intent to capture the attention of passers by.

Situated in a high traffic food hall, within a shopping centre, safety was a real concern.

EuroMir Mirrored Acrylic not only offered ease of installation, capable of being machined on site, but also a high level of impact resistance, ensuring the longevity of the project.

EuroMir Mirrored Acrylic is available in 13 colours ex-stock, this durable acrylic mirror is ideal for slatwalls, point-of-purchase displays, casinos, children's toys, cosmetic displays and for applications in the food service industry.

EuroMir Mirrored Acrylic colour range includes amber, anthracite, blue, bronze, gold, grey, night blue, pink, purple, red, silver and yellow.