AliFrost aluminium frame kitchen doors from Mitchell Plastics , finished in 9 x 55 box frame with Perspex Hot Chocolate, have been used for Henley Properties latest Wilshire Vogue series display home.

AliFrost aluminium frame kitchen doors from Mitchell Laminates were chosen for the project due to their practical and aesthetic appeal.

Their light weight and rigid construction meant that handles were not required for these aluminium frame doors, instead the doors were extended below the bottom cabinet to allow for enough grip when opening.

The Perspex Hot Chocolate insert provided a unique coloured translucent effect, not achievable with more traditional cabinet materials.

An added advantage in choosing the Perspex Frost ‘Hot Chocolate’ was low maintenance. Due to its unique texture finish, Perspex Frost is particularly resilient to finger marks, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.