Mitchell Laminates, a sister company of Mitchell Plastics , offer the AliMesh Aluminium frame kitchen doors, finished in 55mm Box frame with Pottery mesh inserts.

The AliMesh Aluminium frame kitchen doors have been used for the new IDP Education office and showroom.

Baenziger Coles Designer Tony Baenziger used AliMesh Aluminium frame kitchen doors, from Mitchell Laminates, to create an industrial inspired looking staff kitchen for IDP Education, Melbourne.

The design uses around 6 AliMesh Aluminium frame over head doors, supplied by Mitchell Laminates, which create an ideal semi translucent-wire affect.

Baenziger Coles chose the use of AliMesh Aluminium frame kitchen doors for the kitchen overheads due to their practical and aesthetic appeal.

Their light weight, rigid construction meant no handles were required, instead the kitchen doors were merely extended 15mm below the bottom to allow for enough grip when opening.

While the one mesh provided a semi translucent wire like affect, not achievable with more traditional cabinet materials.

The AliMesh Aluminium frame doors use a specially design one way vision mesh aluminium mesh, which gives the impression of a translucent affect, but prevents full visibility inside the cabinet.