Designers at Carlisle Homes have used AliFrost aluminium frame kitchen doors at their display home in Somerfield.  

While creating a stunning modern kitchen for their Mantra display home, the Carlisle Homes designers cleverly integrated the AliFrost 55 slimline aluminium profiles with Perspex Black 962 acrylic inserts for the overhead cupboards to create a sleek, elegant and functional appearance.  

AliFrost aluminium frame kitchen cabinet doors can be combined with Perspex inserts for any kitchen.  

Key advantages include: 

  • AliFrost kitchen doors will not chip over time like painted doors
  • Lightweight at half the weight of traditional cabinet doors, making them ideal for large overhead cabinets
  • Ultra hygienic surface of Perspex inserts which unlike glass, inhibits bacterial growth such as E.Coli
  • Easy to maintain surfaces

AliFrost aluminium frame kitchen doors with genuine, guaranteed Perspex inserts provide a contemporary, sleek and fashionable finish to any modern kitchen.  

AliFrost slimline aluminium frame profiles are available exclusively from Mitchell Laminates .