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    Mistafog Alfresco cooling system

    Prior to mist cooling systems becoming available, alfresco cooling has been achieved with fans however, merely circulating the warm or hot air can only provide so much relief. Now we have the option to cool the air as well as circulating it with misting fans and fixed line nozzle misting systems.

    Our alfresco misting fans provide the cooling of our fixed line systems combined with the airflow produced by the fan itself. This way you get the dual effect of cool air from the evaporation and a gentle air flow through your outdoor area which both circulates the air and provides a slight wind chill factor to enhance even further the cooling sensation for your customers.

    Your Mistafog outdoor cooling system will

    • Reduce the temperature in your outdoor areas by up to 15°C on hot days.
    • Keep your clients cool and relaxed.
    • Improve the working conditions for your staff that that work in the outdoor areas.
    • You will receive increased customer loyalty as they come to know your area as a relaxing and comfortable area.
    • As your customers become more comfortable, they will also spend longer in your outdoor areas, increasing your profits and the return on your investment.
    • Allow you to use the formally inhospitable areas right through the hottest months of the year.
    • Flies and insects will avoid the area taking away another annoyance for your customers.

    Mistafog outdoor cooling systems with or without misting fans, are ideal for

    • Outdoor dining
    • Alfresco bars
    • Outdoor entertainment
    • Outdoor gaming
    • Outdoor Sports areas
    • BBQ
    • Theme parks
    • Recreation areas
    • Smoking areas
    • Shopping centres
    • Cafes and coffee shops
    • Play areas
    • Kindergartens


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