Minosa Gallery  presents the CB10 semi recessed washbasin and vanity unit designed by Darren Genner and Simona Castagna.

Manufactured by Minosa, the new CB10 semi recessed vanity unit combines sleek design with versatile functionality to provide an elegant solution for small powder rooms and bathroom spaces.

Developed by the award-winning Minosa design team, the CB10 unit comprises of a compact-sized washbasin and a clever vanity unit designed to maximise storage space. The basin is positioned off centre to allow maximum usable storage space below.

Design features also include sleek bifold doors that open away from the user to deliver easy access and a glass shelf to add sophistication to the interior as well as allow for increased visibility of products.

The vanity’s integrated CB10 washbasin is made of high quality and easy-to-maintain Corian by DuPont and features a high quality 2 pac polyurethane finish. The CB10 semi recessed vanity unit allows easy customisation to suit any interior with a range of optional coloured basin bases also available.