Available from MiniQuip , the 1.6 Ton rubber tracked excavator provides an effective solution for jobs where access is limited.

The 1.6 Ton rubber tracked excavator has a width of 980mm and comes complete with rubber tracks, ROPS canopy, work light. An extensive range of buckets, with or without teeth, are also available with the 1.6 Ton rubber tracked excavator.

Rubber tracked excavators are available with a custom alloy trailer for ease of transportation and can be hired with or without an operator.

1.6 Ton rubber tracked excavator specifications:

  • Height: 2.35 m
  • Width: 960 mm
  • Dig Depth: 2.0 m 
  • Bucket with teeth: 200, 430, 600
  • Buckets no teeth: 300, 400, 700, Batter, 1000
  • Tracks: Rubber
  • Attachments: Rockbreaker, Auger
  • Accessories: Half hitch
  • Auger: 150, 300mm