Mindscape  is an organisation that supplies software of popular brands for home and office needs. Mindscape is involved in the distribution of educational application software, games and all kinds of multimedia and office application software.

Some software brands distributed by Mindscape include the brand names of Roxio and Zoner, Punch, Nuance, Nancy Drew, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Broderbund, Thomas and Friends, Legacy Interactive, The Learning Company, Noddy, Hoyle Games and IMSI.

Customer support team at Mindscape is involved in online after sales service to customers. Reports of problems related to installation or any other problems regarding usage of a particular software or multimedia product are looked into and instantly responded to by the customer support team.

The Broderbund software distributed by Mindscape include brands names that have a variety of applications such as PrintMaster, Scrapbook Designer, ClickArt, PrintShop, Mavis Beacon and Calendar Creator.

The complete educational application software Encyclopaedia Britannica from Mindscape includes products like the Ultimate Reference Suite for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, the deluxe edition CD-ROM and the Children's Encyclopaedia CD-ROM.

All brands distributed by Mindscape include a diverse range of products that are constantly updated for a wide range of applications.