The 15 X 38 T Bar Lay In Ceiling Grid System, available from Mikor , is the suitable solution for suburban offices, hospitals and schools offering a simple system that is easy to maintain and a quick installation.

The ‘T’ Bar Lay In Grid System consists of only one tile per module with both the main runner and cross runner exposed.

All edges of the tile are supported by the exposed ‘T’ bars reducing the chance of visible damage after accessing the ceiling cavity.

  • Appearance: Clean and unobtrusive with minimal exposed grid
  • Demountable: Grid sections can be removed to install full height partitions
  • Access: Tiles are independent of each other and can be easily removed
  • Flexible: Lights and tiles can be rotated 90° to suit office layouts and corridors
  • Fit-out: T Bar sections allow easy fixing of partition head tracks in any direction
  • Installation: Fast, easy and neat