Miglas  have introduced the concealed door hinge range into the Australian market. It is suitable for architects searching for clear lines.

It means that no hinge barrels will distract the view and the hinge is completely hidden when the door is closed - Giving the doors internally and externally a clean face.

The hinge is available for entry doors, centre hinged doors and French doors. The future plan is also to make it available for the Bifold system.

Like Miglas’ standard full stainless steel hinge, the concealed option is 3D-adjustable. Especially for timber windows and doors a hinge adjustment is an important feature.

Timber is a living product that can move over a lifetime of a product. The 3D adjustable hinges used throughout Miglas hinged door range is the suitable solution to allow easy adjustment.

It means that secure locking and airtight closure can be ensured over the lifetime of the product. The concealed hinges will be available for 40, 60, 100, 200kg door leafs.

The concealed door hinge range is suitable for internal and external doors and can be used beyond Miglas AliClad range for all aluminium, timber or steel door applications.

In addition to the standard hinge, it also caters for modern needs of door automation and can be supplied with a cable bridge allowing cables leading from the frame into the door leaf for lock automation or biometric entry control.