Miele Australia  is set to revitalise Australian kitchens with the introduction of two new refrigeration models from the K 9000 range.

Representing the advanced in Miele technology, these two refrigerator/freezer combinations are designed to be integrated into a fitted kitchen cabinet to ideally complement existing kitchen appliances and designs.

Hidden behind the cabinet doors is an ideal array of features, which the KFN 9753 iD and KFN 9755 iDE offer to suit a multitude of individual tastes and needs.

The large 278 litres refrigerator offers new inner cabinet design with expansive smooth surfaces and smaller rests for 7 glass shelves to simplify the cleaning process considerably.

Together with the two fruit and vegetable drawers on rollers, butter/cheese compartment, height adjustable shelves to cater for taller items and wine rack, both units offer an ideal space for refrigeration needs.

An additional feature to protect foods and beverages stored in the refrigerator door when slammed is SoftClose.

Miele Australia’s highly effective Dynamic Cooling is also featured and ensures that air inside the refrigerator is evenly distributed throughout to achieve consistent cooling performance and allow foods to be stored on any level, while the SuperCool feature lowers the temperature inside the refrigerator rapidly; ensuring foods are cooled down rapidly.

The 78 litres freezer features either three (KFN 9753 iD) or four (KFN 9755 iDE) non-tip sealed transparent drawers, NoFrost for ease of cleaning and SuperFreeze to ensure that foods are hygienically frozen as quickly as possible.

It also has the capacity to freeze 10kg of food, and make more than 1.1kg of ice cubes in 24 hours (automatic ice maker featured in KFN 9755 iDE only).

Electronic controlled, the refrigerator and freezer feature digital temperature display to provide instant and accurate information for the user.