The stylish appearance of the recent freestanding microwave ovens from Miele Australia is complemented by their ease of operation, intelligent ventilation technology and high-quality features; making each model simply a delight to have in the kitchen.

The automatic weight programmes of the M8000-1 series are suitable for thawing, heating and cooking frozen or fresh foods.

After selecting the desired programme, the weight of the food is entered using the rotary knob and the appropriate cooking time and power setting is calculated – simply and without complication.

The memory Feature is the microwave’s brain as it allows one to three stage programme sequences to be saved as a single programme.

In addition, the quick start feature allows quick access to maximum power, making it easy to heat up food and beverages – and to do so automatically.

The heat retention feature can be switched on automatically, if food or beverages are still in the microwave once the set cooking time is complete.

This feature automatically prevents it from cooling down, even if it remains in the microwave for up to 15 minutes.

Models with a grill guarantee quick and uniform browning as the grill can be used alone or in combination with microwave features. A timer ensures that all appliances in the Miele 8000-1 series give a perfect result.

Aesthetically, the horizontal lines, black glass and stainless steel emphasise the optimum design of the appliances. In addition, there is no visible vent grille on the uniform, smooth fronts.

The ventilation concept behind Miele appliances is a particular highlight. Unlike the usual method, vapours are released into the kitchen through the front and not at the back where damage can occur to cupboard space in the long run.

Characteristic of Miele appliances, the inner cabinet of the new M 8000 series is made from stainless steel, whilst the fronts of the built-in units feature CleanSteel – an ideal surface finish that allows cleaning without special cleaning agents.