When cooking, ten degrees Celsius or five minutes, frequently mean the difference between success and failure.

With the DGC 5080 combination steam cooker from Miele Australia , preparation of meals becomes calculable.

The DGC 5080 combination steam cooker helps beginners to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles and baffles professionals with virtually good results for baking, cooking and roasting.

The design has been adapted to the new 5000 generation appliances, the front material is now stainless steel with CleanSteel finish and the cavity now has a PerfectClean finish to facilitate cleaning.

The DGC 5080 combination steam cooker operates with dry heat and with moist steam. In the steam cooker mode, the DGC 5080 has all the features of previous Miele steam cookers.

If dry heat is desired – for preparing frozen chips, for examples – the appliance can be used in the same manner as a fan-forced oven.

However, the DGC 5080 shows its entire potential only when used in the combination mode. Classic applications where humid and dry conditions are desired alternately in the cavity include baking and roasting processes.

An example: Pork roasts are cooked well when they are initially roasted for 15 minutes at 100°C and 95% humidity. During this phase, adding steam to the chamber loosens the fat structure.

This is followed by 30 minutes at 180°C and 50% humidity – ideal conditions for uniform browning and development of a crispy crust.

During the remaining cooking time, 130°C and 30% relative humidity are sufficient to finish cooking the roast. The result: Juicy on the inside, crispy brown on the outside.

An automatic programme for the cooking process described is available for novice cooks. More ambitious chefs will prefer to set the sequence of dry and humid cooking phases, their duration and the specific humidity in the cavity themselves.

Both procedures are possible. Decisive is whether the user relies on the pre-set or automatically selected climatic control.

The process, which permanently measures the relative humidity taking even the intrinsic moisture in the food into consideration, is ideal on Miele combination steam cookers.

Breads and pastries can be baked well by entering other values or selecting an automatic programme – a total of over 120 automatic programmes are available. Examples here include bread, croissants, various types of cake and cookies.

The TouchControl proves that such variety in a single appliance is not difficult to control at all. All settings can be made on the sensor buttons on the glass display. The entire user prompting system is clear and erroneous settings are virtually impossible.