Premium floorcare specialist Miele has launched S 5780 TotalCare to its already impressive 2007 Floorcare range.

Delivering good quality, hygiene, performance and style, the Miele S 5780 TotalCare is designed to meet a multitude of lifestyle needs and as the name suggests, all and more discerning customer would ever expect from a vacuum cleaner.

In stylish new silver passion metallic, the S 5780 TotalCare features Miele’s ActiveHEPA filter and dust chamber design that renders exhaust air virtually particle free.

Meeting a hospital grade HEPA 12 standard, the Miele S 5780 TotalCare can confidently be used around allergy sufferers.

A hygiene shutter on the new Miele TotalCare increases the efficiency of the Miele S 5780 TotalCare is designed to trap even more microscopic dust and irritants inside the vacuum cleaner when it is in storage with the hose disconnected.

With an array of floor heads to suit any surface, the Miele TotalCare is suitable for every room in the house.

The STB 205-3 TurboBrush and STB 101 TurboMini are designed to deal with any stubborn threads or hairs while the SBB 235-3 cares for delicate floors.

A hose extension and an extra long crevice nozzle add to user convenience increasing the operating radius of the Miele S5780 vacuum cleaner to over 11 meters.

A feature of the TotalCare is a radio-frequency remote control in the handle that allows users to operate the unit without bending down, a real lifesaver particularly for those with back problems.

In addition, the ergonomic ComfortHandle is designed to make cleaning easier than ever with increased manoeuvrability and comfort that takes the pressure of wrists; it is almost like having power steering on this vacuum cleaner.

Offering considered solutions for even the difficult floor care challenges; the new Miele S 5780 TotalCare has the design and intelligence discerning Australian householders have been waiting for.