The appearance and technological innovation of the Miele W 2888 Navitronic indicate why this is the top-of-the 2005 range of Miele washing machines.

The Miele W 2888 Navitronic features a striking state-of-the-art design and a flat sloping facia panel with an aluminium-style finish.

Complementing Miele’s HoneycombCare drum system, the washing machine’s innovative Navitronic controls are characterised by the optional use of either four short-cut buttons to call up most commonly used programs or the intuitively designed multi-function selector.

A large LCD navigation display provides all necessary information at any stage in the program selection process and enables the customising of program options.

Three specialised applications providing optimum laundry care results for ‘Denims’, ‘Shirts’ and ‘Outerwear’ (functional wear) are included in the program options as Miele recognises these programs to be some of the most commonly washed by target customer households.

The W 2888 Navitronic has a specially-designed load sensor and detergent recommendation option whereby the electronics identify the quantity of detergent required while allowing optimal use of the 5.5 kg drum capacity.

The W 2888 Navitronic also features a sophisticated semi-professional drive system that allows the machine to spin at a maximum of 1800 rpm. This speed allows maximum moisture extraction. This, in turn, reduces tumble dryer program running times and overall energy consumption during the whole laundry care process.

The W 2888 Navitronic is available with a choice of matching tumble dryers. The T 4882 C Navitronic is a condenser dryer for stacked installation (together with WTV 405) while the T 4888 C Navitronic is designed for side by side installation. Both models feature the same unique Navitronic operating philosophy.

Retailing at $3,699, the W2888 Miele washing machine ensures that Miele continues to set the benchmark in washing machine technology.