Miele Australia  offers Miele H 5981 BP, a new 90cm oven. The Miele H 5981 BP oven offers not only distinctive usable space, but an ideal match of innovative features and useful technology, combined with quality, durability and timeless design.

The large cooking chamber comfortably accommodates three large chickens on its integrated rotisserie and is fired by two powerful fans to guarantee uniform cooking results and rapid heat-up.

Miele Australia’s decision to develop the ideal oven in the world meant that the company’s R&D experts came to the conclusion to literally start from a blank sheet of paper.

They then took into account the diverse customer requirements from the more than 36 countries, where Miele Australia operates its own sales subsidiaries while also drawing on more than 100 years experience in the development and manufacture of major household appliances.

The oven features Moisture Plus, where it automatically takes in the right amount of water through a filler tube on the door frame to ensure ideal roasting and baking results.

The moisture is dispensed as steam into the oven cavity, allowing bread to rise better and have a gleaming crust, or, when roasting meat, it ensures the fat is baked out to create an appetising crust.

Automatic programmes control the time at which the steam is added or, alternatively, steam can be injected to cycles manually. For many meat dishes, this function can also be combined with the cordless temperature probe, which transmits the actual core temperature readings to the electronic controls.

The oven incorporates special programmes for low-temperature cooking ideal for ensuring that roast beef, for example, is particularly tender by being cooked for several hours at temperatures ranging from 65°C to 80°C.

There are more than 100 automatic programmes with auto-sensor available, from noodle bake to apple pie, in addition to 20 favourite recipes, which can be stored in the oven under their own name.

Simply select the required dish on the touch display. The oven then takes care of setting the cooking function, temperature and time to ensure ideal results every time.

The three-dimensional control panel is tilted towards the user. The oven awakes with a polyphonic melody at the touch of the display.

A narrow strip of LEDs below the control panel gives a visual signal to indicate the oven is ready to use, while the SpeedLight atmospheric lighting goes out once the oven has reached the set temperature.

Purists who may be disturbed by the visual and acoustic signals can simply turn them off to limit communication with the oven to the text display, offering 13 operating modes.

Enthusiastic chefs can choose from the many manual operating modes that allow precise individual adjustment of the temperature and time, right down to the degree and minute.

An AirClean catalytic converter effectively prevents the release of cooking odours, keeping greasy vapours from depositing in the kitchen, while an ideal pyrolytic cleaning programme ensures the oven remains clean.

Miele Australia’s pyrolytic cleaning programme is sensor-controlled, facilitating energy savings compared to time-controlled pyrolytic cleaning processes used in more conventional ovens.

Innovative features such as the easy-to-clean stainless steel fronts with CleanSteel surface, quadruple halogen illumination and FlexiClip telescopic runners all add up to a firm cooking experience with what Miele Australia expects will be recognised by many users as the ideal oven in the world.