Miele Australia has launched a new laundry collection consisting of washing machines, tumble dryers and complementary cleaning products.

Miele’s legendary line-up of equipment offers a complete laundry solution and includes W1 Series washing machines, T1 Series tumble dryers and CareCollection cleaning products. The world-first features in Miele’s laundry collection set high standards in cleaning performance, gentle fabric care and user convenience, contributing to time saving and environmental sustainability.

Miele W1 Series washing machines

Miele’s revolutionary W1 Series washing machines feature up to 4.5 star WELS water and energy efficiency ratings; load capacities up to 8kg; integrated detergent dispensing system; capsule dosing; and a remarkable new version of its patented honeycomb drum.

Select W1 models feature Miele’s exclusive new PowerWash system, which delivers optimum cleaning performance by increasing previous wash performance by 10 percent in a full-fledged wash cycle completed in under an hour. An additional circulation pump repeatedly pumps water from the suds container into the inner drum to intensively drench the laundry. This pump is used in combination with a special drum rhythm to ensure laundry lies flat against the wall of the drum, allowing water and detergent to penetrate the laundry load quickly and evenly.

Key features of the W1 Series also include next generation patented SoftSteam honeycomb drum in select models simplifying ironing; new Mixed Load Programme in the flagship model allowing a blend of mixed fabrics to be washed together in a single cycle; and customisation options in ProgrammeManager, the washing programme enabling users to select up to five different options to suit specific washing needs.

All W1 washing machines run on the Miele ProfiEco, a brushless, permanent-magnet motor that is extremely energy efficient, powerful, maintenance-free and quiet.

Miele CareCollection integrated dispensing and special purpose capsules

Select W1 models also feature an innovative integrated dispensing system for liquid detergents, the Miele TwinDos, helping users achieve detergent savings of up to 30 percent. The detergent dispensing system accurately dispenses two speciality detergents, Miele UltraPhase 1 and Miele UltraPhase 2 in the correct ratio. The appliance has a capacity of 1.5L for each detergent.

While Miele UltraPhase 1 basic detergent is used in the first stage to remove soils such as grease and protein, Miele UltraPhase 2 is a detergent enhancer containing a touch of bleach to make light work of stubborn stains such as those from red wine or coffee. The two-phase detergents ensure the very best cleaning performance for both whites and colours. Alternatively, Miele’s dispensing system can also be used with regular off-the-shelf liquid detergents or fabric conditioners.

The new CapDosing feature in select Miele W1 washing machines is an intelligent capsule dosing system that can be applied when fabrics or garments require further special treatment or a particularly persistent stain poses a challenge. The portioned dispensing system offers a collection of special detergents such as Sport, Down, WoolCare and SilkCare, and fabric conditioners including Aqua, Nature and Cocoon as well as a Booster.

Miele T1 tumble dryers

Perfectly matched to Miele W1 washing machines, Miele T1 Series tumble dryers are available in capacities up to 8kg and feature new functions, sleek new transparent doors and energy-efficient heat pump technology with up to 6 star energy ratings.

Select models in the T1 Series feature Miele’s convenient SteamFinish function that reduces the need for ironing and saves time by effectively diminishing wrinkles and stretching fabrics as they tumble in the rotating drum. T1 SteamFinish complements the pre-ironing feature on the W1 washing machines.

Select T1 tumble dryers also feature the new enhanced Honeycomb Plus drum incorporating larger hexagons, bigger and rearranged drum ribs and a modified reversing rhythm, resulting in an optimised cushioning effect for the most gentle laundry care. PerfectDry is another T1 tumble dryer feature that calculates residual moisture and mineral content to prevent over or under drying of garments and save valuable time and energy consumption.

FragranceDos laundry fragrances

Miele FragranceDos is an exclusive new dosing system available in all Miele T1 tumble dryers, distributing gentle fragrance evenly onto laundry that lasts for up to four weeks. Users can choose from Aqua, Cocoon and Nature scents, with the selected fragrance flacon simply fitted into the holder of the T1 tumble dryer door.

Miele’s revolutionary laundry appliances are German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years of usage. The collection is available from Miele Chartered Agents and Miele Centers nationally.