Miele Australia’s  new CVA 5060 built-in automatic coffee makers are designed  for the coffee connoisseur to demonstrate that coffee specialities, equal to those of the best Italian cafes, are possible at home.

These Miele fully integrated, automatic coffee machines redefine the term high-end in this sector.

At the touch of a button, they automatically prepare the ideal coffee - espresso, macchiato, cappuccino or café latte - as well as steamed milk or milk froth.

The creativity of the coffee connoisseur is infinite in the creation of coffee specialities. These can be programmed into the coffee machine to complement an additional 10 connoisseur profiles options.

These personal preferences can include such considerations as the fineness and quantity of beans to be ground, water temperature and quantity of milk or water per cup.

The adaptation of personal preferences is also ensured by the powder shaft, which can allow a portion of a second type of coffee to be added.

Preparation is simpler than ever with the central discharge spout. This feature, limited to the new Miele CVA 5000 series, eliminates the need for intermediate manual steps such as moving the glass or cup.

Also special to Miele Australia is the integrated milk tank. This insulated reservoir made of double-walled stainless steel guarantees uniformly steamed milk, keeping milk cool for up to 12 hours without any loss of quality.

Larger quantities of cappuccino, café latte, steamed milk and milk froth can be prepared due to the large capacity of the tank, which holds approximately 700ml.

An automatic fill level monitor displays a timely message when it is necessary to replenish the milk. Good results are guaranteed whether full-cream milk, low-fat milk, soya milk, goat’s milk or lactose-free milk is used.

The brewing unit boasts a dynamic brewing chamber that increases in size as the water flows in. This mixes the ground coffee and water more intensively, resulting in fully aromatic coffee.

All functions can be set on the clear text display, making operation simple and convenient. Sensor buttons make it possible to simply select a beverage and start beverage preparation.

Available in stainless steel, the Miele CVA 5065 and CVA 5060 feature Miele’s new CleanSteel finish, making it easy to clean the surface without special cleaning agents.