Miele Australia announces a choice of four bold colours for its kitchen appliances as part of its colour scheme strategy for 2014.

Mink, one of the four colours in Miele’s Generation 6000 cooking appliances, is warm, sensual and earthy; Miele believes that Mink is fast becoming today’s ‘it’ colour in kitchen appliances. A luscious, chocolate tone, Mink adopts the character of its environment, blending harmoniously into contemporary kitchen design to enhance and complement other elements within the space. 

Miele initiated this colour choice in response to the growing trend toward warm and inviting natural, earthy tones as reflected in today’s colour palette for soft furnishings.

Miele’s category manager food & beverage preparation Rudi Niemoeller observes that the enthusiasm for Mink among Australian consumers, architects and specifiers has certainly exceeded all expectations while interest in the other available colours – Brilliant White, Obsidian Black and Stainless Steel (CleanSteel) – has broadened significantly.

Niemoeller explains the Mink series tests the limits of design, demonstrating what can be achieved through colour options that stimulate the imagination. Introducing this speciality colour with its glass finish allows Miele to fill in a void in the premium appliances market. 

Alongside Mink, Miele’s inclusion of Brilliant White and elegant Obsidian Black follows the latest in international kitchen trends. The preference for white for instance, in Europe at the high end of the kitchen market is, in some countries, as high as 50%.

Miele’s Generation 6000 cooking appliances are also available in CleanSteel for those who favour the traditional design principles using stainless steel.

According to Niemoeller, the four carefully-considered colour choices within their new kitchen appliances range have created a substantial increase in interest and demand within the Australian market. The breadth of Miele’s colour options has captured the imagination of professionals and homemakers alike as it offers remarkable opportunities for truly tailored kitchen design.

The colour story of Miele Generation 6000 cooking appliances can be viewed at Miele Centers in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, and available to order through specialised Miele Chartered Agents.