Miele Australia has launched their latest range of cooking appliances based on five years of extensive product development.

Miele’s technologically ground-breaking Generation 6000 range of cooking appliances stands out for its extreme attention to detail to ensure superior convenience, performance and elegance. 

The Miele Generation 6000 cooking appliances range comprises of new-look ovens, speed ovens, steam ovens, steam combi ovens, coffee machines, a microwave oven and gourmet warming drawers.

Considered the most significant Miele product launch for the Australian market to date, Generation 6000 not only sets new benchmarks in premium household appliances but is aptly presented with the campaign motto, Design for Life. 

The PureLine design in the Generation 6000 range delivers striking aesthetics and perfectly co-ordinated appliances beginning with the impressive colour selection. In addition to Miele’s signature CleanSteel finish, appliances are also available in Brilliant White, Obsidian Black characterised by its striking depth and brilliance, or Mink with its warm, fresh and contemporary tone.

The stunning aesthetics also apply to new user interfaces such as the revolutionary ‘M Touch’, a high-resolution TFT touch screen featured on Miele H 6000 flagship models. Reminiscent of smartphones, the ‘M Touch’ allows users to effortlessly browse through the device by simply scrolling or swiping with the touch of a fingertip. 

All design elements in Miele’s H 6000 range are perfectly consistent across touch controls, rotary dials or different appliance sizes and specifications, ensuring all H 6000 appliances can be seamlessly combined in a range of horizontal and vertical combinations to present a unified whole, perfectly integrated into kitchen furniture. 

The technologically superior Generation 6000 cooking appliances are extremely user-friendly and equipped with functions that are quick, easy and efficient to ensure unsurpassed performance and convenience. 

The user-friendly design extends to the cleaning process with Miele’s remarkable PyroFit innovation. Oven side-racks, combi-racks and FlexiClip runners can now remain inside the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning process.

Miele H 6000 steam ovens are now equipped with MultiSteam technology, a revolutionary new steam cooking generation that delivers fast, uniform steam distribution and incredibly quick heat-up for even cooking results.

Miele H 6000 coffee machines also benefit from outstanding Miele innovation with features such as OneTouch for Two that allows for the simultaneous preparation of two coffee specialities at the touch of a button, or the innovative CupSensor, exclusive to Miele, which automatically adjusts the height of the spout to the optimum position for different cup and glass sizes. 

Quick and convenient, the H 6000 coffee machines also offer the EasyClick milk system comprising a high quality dishwasher-safe glass milk flask, which effortlessly clicks into place at the front of the machine. For effortless maintenance, the new Miele coffee machines now feature automatic rinsing of the milk pipework. 

The top-of-the-range Miele Generation 6000 ovens feature automatic programmes specifically created for Australian dishes. Developed by Australian chefs, these automatic programmes include popular Australian dishes such as Pork Belly, Pavlova and Rack of Lamb.

Miele’s Generation 6000 range of cooking appliances is not only distinguished by elegant new design, but also remarkable innovations to deliver unmatched results that can be seen, touched and tasted. 

German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years of usage, Miele’s comprehensive new range reinforces the brand’s position at the forefront of domestic cooking appliances.