The new Miele G 6000 dishwashers recently introduced by Miele Australia raise the bar on innovation, performance and convenience in the premium dishwasher category.

Revolutionising modern kitchens with greater speed, economy and loading ease, the new Miele G 6000 dishwashers come with exceptional features.

The Miele G 6000 dishwasher range is designed for economy. For instance, it can complete an entire wash cycle in less than an hour without compromising on cleaning performance while delivering greater flexibility and loading convenience, especially in stacking particularly tall stemware, large platters or bulky pots.

Continuing with the economical performance, the G 6000 range introduces the Miele QuickPowerWash program that can wash and dry crockery and cutlery in only 58 minutes. The program consistently achieves exceptional cleaning results irrespective of the cycle times, while ensuring low energy consumption.

Miele has also developed UltraTabs Multi dishwashing tablets specifically formulated for G 6000 dishwashers, which dissolve completely within two to three minutes ensuring very good cleaning and drying results.

The new 3D + cutlery tray introduced in the G 6000 range takes Miele’s dishwasher loading flexibility to the next level. Featuring two hinged rows of spikes in the central section, the 3D + cutlery tray can be lowered to create space for long, slender items such as knives and salad servers, so that they are securely positioned and thoroughly washed and dried on all sides.

The lower basket carries new, height-adjustable FlexCare glass holders while tall stemware is held securely in place in the openings by new silicone rests.

The user-friendly design of the new G 6000 dishwasher includes FlexAssist markings wherein all flexible elements are highlighted in orange and additional symbols to indicate a cup or wine glass are provided, helping with the loading.

The G 6000 dishwasher can also be connected to the Internet via a home's WLAN router without the need for additional modules. Using the free [email protected] app, the machine’s operation and functions can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

The new Miele G 6000 dishwasher range is available at Miele Authorised Retailers, Miele Experience Centres around Australia and the Miele online shop.