Miele Australia presents the new Miele K 30000 fully integrated refrigeration range that combines stylish looks with impressive features to deliver professional quality food storage right at home.

Comprising of a choice of fridge, freezer and fridge/freezer models, Miele K 30000 fully integrated refrigeration range comes with various options to meet the many demands of discerning householders. The various models can be conveniently installed individually or side-by-side to achieve both a seamless appearance and fleet design to perfectly match Miele’s Generation 6000 built-in cooking appliances.

All K 30000 functions can be quickly accessed via the sleek Miele touch controls, with their user interfaces complementing other Miele Generation 6000 built-in appliances for perfect kitchen design harmony.

Feature highlights of the Miele K 30000 fully integrated refrigeration range include new FlexiLight flexible LED lighting to illuminate the interiors with a glare-free brilliance; PerfectFresh Pro drawers in select fridge/freezer models to keep stored food fresher for longer; DynaCool in all fridge and fridge/freezer models ensuring even air circulation to achieve uniform temperature and humidity levels; exclusive NoFrost system in freezer and fridge/freezer models eliminating manual defrosting; SuperFreeze mode in freezer and fridge/freezer models ensuring fast freezing of food items; automatic ice makers on select fridge/freezer models; and innovative SoftClose anti-slam system closing all doors gently and silently.

Miele’s signature PerfectFresh drawers keep food fresher for up to three times longer than standard refrigerator compartments. PerfectFresh Pro drawers in the top-of-the-line KFNS 37682 iD and KFNS 37692 iDE fridge/freezer models keep food at an optimum temperature between 0°C and 3°C while their specially designed compartment covers are perforated to maintain a precise climate with optimum humidity levels of up to 90% for maximum freshness.

Miele’s innovative SuperFreeze mode on all K 30000 fridge/freezer and freezer models runs the freezer at full power to preserve nutrients, retain food textures and prevent the formation of ice crystals. The automatic ice maker feature is an option on the KFNS 37692 iDE and KFNS 37452 iDE fridge/freezers with the ability to produce approximately 100 ice cubes a day.

The convenient VarioRoom and VarioBord storage concept in select K 30000 models allows the spacing between racks and shelves to be adjusted to meet individual needs. Select K 30000 models with PerfectFresh or PerfectFresh Pro drawers are also equipped with SelfClose, fully telescopic runners and a self-closing mechanism with an anti-slam feature.

Miele ComfortClean on all K 30000 models delivers exceptional cleaning convenience. Door racks are made from high-quality temperature resistant and transparent SAN plastic, which is scratch-proof, resistant to chemicals and even dishwasher-safe.