The Miele H5000 series is an outstanding line-up of premium cooking appliances in which size, functionality and design feature the latest in innovative Miele technology.

The innovations represented in the H5000 series give much consideration to the lifestyle demands of the home cook. So much so, these Miele appliances truly act as an ideal assistant in the kitchen to bring out the passionate chef in us all.

Increase in cavity size

Increased oven capacities have been made possible without enlarging the external dimensions of the appliances. In this manner, through the intelligent application of space-saving electronic components and advanced engineering technology, the Miele H5000 series allows much more efficient use of the available space in the kitchen.

All new ovens, fitted into 60cm wide cabinets, have an oven cavity capacity of 66 litres. This is 30% larger than Miele's previous H4000 oven generation.

In addition, a great deal of space is available on the baking sheets and combination racks that can be positioned in any of the five slot levels.

The 90cm wide wall ovens offer a cavity volume of 85 litres, big enough for three large chickens to be cooked to perfection simultaneously.

The new microwave combi ovens have a useable capacity of 43 litres, being 16% larger than their predecessors, while Miele has increased the capacity of the recent DG 5000 series steam cookers by more than 10%.

Versatility and functionality
The new generation 5000 ovens and wall ovens are equipped with an impressive range of automatic functions including Moisture Plus’. This ideal operating mode automatically takes in the right amount of water through a filler tube on the oven door frame.

The moisture is then dispensed as steam into the oven cavity, to ensure ideal roasting and baking results every time. Another automatic programme is low temperature cooking, which allows a roast to be cooked to precision in the oven over many hours at 65° to 80°C.

By simply selecting the right dish on the oven’s Touch Display more than 100 automatic programmes with auto-sensor are available.

For those who prefer manual operating modes, these are available on top-of–the-range models, allowing you to adjust the temperature and time precisely right down to the degree and minute.

Ideal design features

The design simplicity of Miele Australia’s built-in appliances gives easy appreciation of their functionality. Horizontal lines are characteristic for the design of the appliance fronts, which feature central controls and wide metal handles.

This ensures that oven, steam cooker, automatic coffeemaker, plate warmer and dishwasher can form harmonious design units in spite of different appliance functions.

Another ideal feature is the CleanSteel finish on the Miele 5000 series. This stainless steel finish is resistant to fingerprints and can be easily wiped clean with nothing more than a damp cloth.

The Miele 5000 series also considers those who require a compact built-in oven. The 45cm ovens boast an impressive 43 litre capacity contained in a 60cm cabinet niche as well as a wide range of innovative features.

With the introduction of the Miele 5000 series of cooking appliances, Miele Australia once again sets the benchmark in this product category and confidently proves that anything else is a compromise.