Miele Australia  has introduced compact 45cm ovens exclusive to the new H5000 series that will ensure more Australian households can enjoy the innovative features of advanced Miele technology.

Boasting an ideal 43 litre cavity contained in a petite 45cm by 60cm cabinet niche, the Miele H 5040 B and H 5081 BP are equipped with user-friendly electronic controls for a wide range of thoughtful features.

No less than eight operating modes, including baking and roasting, fulfil every cooking desire, while recommended cooking temperatures assist in guaranteeing good results every time.

Miele Australia’s PLUS display featured on the H 5081 BP offers the convenience of more than 50 automatic easy-to-read and simple-to-follow programmes.

For example, users simply select Pizza from the Automatic programmes and the H 5081 BP automatically sets the optimum temperature and cooking time.

Furthermore, the TouchControl on the Miele H 5081 BP compact oven ensures that automatic programmes and personal favourites can be accessed at the touch of a finger.

Inside, the telescopic FlexiClip runners can be conveniently positioned at any one of the three rack levels to suit all individual needs.

Also for user convenience, the AirClean catalytic converter assists in removing grease from cooking fumes while minimising cooking odours escaping from the oven.

The appearance of Miele H 5040 B and H 5081 BP is enhanced courtesy of the CleanSteel finish. Resistant to fingerprints, the finish is easily wiped clean with nothing more than a damp cloth.

Accompanied by the Miele baking sheet, universal tray and combination rack, the compact, H 5040 B and H 5081 BP Miele ovens are sure to become two great companions of home cooks.