Miele Australia showcases its green credentials with its involvement in the Sydney project ‘The Greenhouse by Joost’, a pop-up design installation and café showcasing sustainable living.

Created by the celebrated designer, Joost Bakker, The Greenhouse is designed to generate positive environmental impacts with no waste. It is located at Campbells Cove, The Rocks, and exclusively incorporates Miele kitchen appliances in support of its ambition to harness the growing understanding of the impact of the human ecological footprint by offering lifestyle choices that tread a fine balance between functionality, sustainability and beauty.

This project offers Miele the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability as well as showcasing their innovative and energy efficient kitchen appliances.

The kitchen set up, from which Executive Chef, Matt Stone from Perth’s Greenhouse Restaurant, will prepare dishes served at the onsite café, and includes the following Miele kitchen appliances:

  • CS 1221 I Induction Cooktops
  • CS 1212 I Induction Cooktops
  • CS 1326 Y TepanYaki Grills
  • CS 1223 I Induction Woks
  • DA 2210 Built-under Rangehoods
  • K 12820 edt Refrigerators
  • FN 12827 S edt Freezer
  • G 5715 SCi XXL Dishwasher
As an example of the maximum sustainability considerations being applied, the oil used in the kitchen’s deep fryer is used in the generator to provide all the Greenhouse’s electricity needs.

Joost was particularly impressed with how little electricity the Miele refrigeration appliances used, enabling him to support the entire refrigeration needs of The Greenhouse with five freestanding Miele refrigerators and one Miele freezer.

Also specified was a water and electricity saving Miele W 3933 WPS washing machine and a T 8627 heat pump dryer with its 6 star energy efficiency rating. These are to launder all kitchen linen with minimal environmental impact.

Responsibility and sustainable business have always been a key part of the company philosophy for Miele, and these factors uphold their product design commitment to develop kitchen appliances that are not only characterised by durability, constant innovations and unique design, but also user-friendly, energy efficient and with excellent recyclable capacity.

Miele has been committed to the motto “Forever Better” since its foundation in 1899, proving continued dedication to meeting key issues of sustainability demands throughout the decades.