Miele Australia’s  KFNS 3927 SDE fridge/freezer combination showcases the expertise and quality of Miele refrigeration.

Individually hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans, the KFNS 3927 SDE units are finished in stainless steel panelling and come supplied with single-section plinth fascias and cornice profiles, which all enhance the look of this fridge/freezer.

Hidden behind the simple exterior is the ideal of Miele refrigeration technology: two separate appliances with a total of three individually controlled compartments: the refrigerator, PerfectFresh zone and freezer.

Boasting 413 litres total gross capacity, the refrigerator offers seven high quality glass shelves, including one split level shelf and six adjustable shelves, together with four vegetable compartments, a covered dairy compartment and a chrome bottle rack.

The PerfectFresh zone, with a total gross capacity of 150 litres, keeps food fresh for up to 3 times longer than conventional fruit and vegetable drawers due to the humidity controlled zones.

The freezer, at 144 litres total gross capacity, features five non-tip sealed transparent drawers, NoFrost for ease of cleaning and SuperFreeze to ensure that foods are hygienically frozen as quickly as possible.

It also has the capacity to freeze 14kg of food and make more than 1.1kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. With the addition of a frozen foods maker system, storage durations of foods can easily be noted.