Michelle Wardley Fine Art  recreates the magic of nature by portraying the paintings in a simple manner. Michelle Wardley, an established fine artist, creates unique artwork. Michelle Wardley believes the notion that people are able to relate to the sunset, ocean or even the moon rise because of the different colours. This is mainly due to the universal subconscious language of colour that gets triggered within people. Michelle Wardley also believes that the artwork created has to be special by making the painting lively.

Michelle Wardley artwork also portray her unconventional approach thereby making her paintings popular. Michelle Wardley is a public artist who believes in creating her artworks for giving inspirations to the people and not for mere display at the galleries. Michelle Wardley began her artwork by displaying in a market stall and eventually established her personal studio gallery at Fremantle.

Some of Michelle Wardley’s unique artwork include Isolation Rainbow, New Moon Silver Sunset, Mermaid Sound Sunset, Shark Bay Limes, Blue Spotted Stingray, Green Wave in Beech, Rising Full Moon Glassy Glow, Green Turtle, Angle Island Northern Channel, The Mainland from the Boat and many others.