Wire balustrades from Miami Stainless were specified for all the exterior areas of a stunning new Mater Prize Home on the Gold Coast. The designer chose a mix of vertical wire balustrades, horizontal wire balustrades and glass balustrades for the home. While glass balustrades were installed on the balconies, the wire option was selected for the outside areas including for pool fencing.

The streamlined vertical balustrade system provides the required safety associated with pool fencing along with a few added benefits. Compared to glass, wire systems are easier to maintain and clean. Pool fences are typically installed very close to the water, exposing them to splashes. Glass balustrades would require frequent cleaning to remove the chlorine/ saltwater watermarks while the wire system would simply allow water to splash through.

Even from a safety perspective, wire systems for pool fencing are safer than glass balustrades, which can create a mirror effect at night. Wire balustrade pool fencing does not obstruct or compromise the view any time of the day or night, ensuring safety.

For the Mater Prize Home, the vertical wire balustrade was installed using the Nutsert Swage Stud System on the base with a ProRig Flip Toggle into the handrail. The installation also utilised 50mm square mirror polished posts and handrail.