Miami Stainless had supplied a stylish stainless steel handrail to one of their loyal customers who had installed a custom made staircase for their beautiful display home on the Gold Coast. Seeking a photograph of the beautiful installation, Miami Stainless sent their photographer to the new home.

The Miami Stainless team noticed a few stainless steel items from another supplier that had been installed on the balcony of the home. Though the installation had taken place only six weeks earlier, the spigots for the glass balustrade already showed visible signs of severe tea staining.

When stainless steel components display tea staining in such a short period of time, it only proves that an inferior grade of stainless steel has been used. The deterioration of inferior quality stainless steel is especially faster in coastal areas. However, this can be avoided or dramatically reduced by using quality products made from high quality stainless steel combined with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Miami Stainless replaced the inferior stainless steel spigots with their quality 2205 Marine Grade stainless steel spigots, underlining their confidence in their own products.